Pastor Suing Mother, Daughter for Bad Online Church Review

3 Signs of a Bad Pastor (Bad Church Leadership, False Pastors, False Teachers . . .)

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A single mom wins the lottery only to get sued by someone close to her By Nicole West, Aug 22, 2018 Many of us dream of winning the lottery one day. We think that our lives would be so much easier if we did not have to worry about finances and we could buy whatever we wanted. However, most lottery winners are surprised to discover that winning the lottery does not improve their lives and in many cases it makes it worse.

By Kevin Brooklyn, Published on Aug 26, 2018 Against All Odds Everybody buys a lottery ticket knowing that yes, technically they could win, but nobody actually expects to win. Someone like Marie Holmes, a Shallotte, North Carolina mom who struggled to make ends meet, had about a one in 175 million chance of winning, after all. When she bought her ticket one fateful day, she had no expectation of her life changing drastically. The pastor at the church was named Kevin Matthews.

Statism & the LGBT (Suing for Inclusion)

Watchtower church sued after trying & failing to get Jehovah's Witnesses to change secrecy policy

Marie only plays the Lotto occasionally and decided to go out on a whim since the jackpot was so big. Marie's brother was the third child, and on his birthday he'd have been 25 years old. That was the first of a few social media outbursts to gain virality online putting the lucky Lotto winner in the headlines. Plenty of people had harsh words to say.

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