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What is Instant Messaging?

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Instant Messaging is one of the fastest growing forms of communication, both at home and at work. IM helps people send quick text messages around the world, talk for free on the internet and transfer files, all pretty much instantly. What is Instant Messaging? Instant Messaging allows you to quickly send a message to one or more of your friends over the internet.

We're definitely not clutching at straws Shares Spotify has announced it's snapped up two new companies, Cord Project and Soundwave, giving the streaming giant some new weapons in its arsenal — and potentially hinting at the future of the music service. Spotify says its new acquisitions will join its product development organisation, and it sounds like both will continue to support their existing apps — but what exactly are they bringing to the table for Spotify? Cord Project, founded in 2014, is the company behind voice messaging app Cord app, which enables users to record and exchange short voice clips — it's essentially WhatsApp, but with audio. Meanwhile, Soundwave is responsible for the Soundwave social app, which enables users to chat about music and share tunes with one another. So what could all of this mean for the future of Spotify?

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