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Politics I. Mnuchin said he made his decision after consulting with lawyers from the Treasury Department, the I. But the I. Trump has not asserted executive privilege to block the request, and his personal lawyers have asked the Treasury Department not to release them. The president has indicated that he is prepared to take the legal fight over his returns to the Supreme Court.

Intentionally or by happenstance, Mr. Trump sends signals that are then scrutinized, analyzed and even satirized.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer responds to Trump-Comey memo story

New York Times Breaking News: Comey wrote a memo that Trump asked to end Flynn investigation

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Спросил Олвин у Алистры, когда они миновали зеркальный зал. Алистра отрицательно покачала головой. -- Наверное, где-то у самой-самой окраины города,-- беззаботно ответила .

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