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Seriously, Garvey fucking irritating and actually made the game un-enjoyable in parts for me. First of all, biggest reason he's annoying, the endless god damn Minutemen quests, which are literally the exact same two or maybe three quests again and again and again, and the game already has enough problems with quest variety, and he gives them to you just by walking near him. In fact, that's one thing that annoys the hell out of me about this game in general, the amount of characters that just run up to you and automatically dump a "Go here, kill these guys" quest on you. I really wish Bethesda patch that out, because it's just annoying.

FALLOUT 4: Interview with Protagonist Voice Actor, Brian T. Delaney - H.A.M. Radio Podcast #22

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Я не уверен, - признался Хилвар. - Мне почему-то думается, что нам не следует слишком многого ожидать от Ванамонда. Мы можем помочь ему сейчас, но на его жизненном пути мы явимся лишь коротким эпизодом.

Companions Won't Talk Glitch in Fallout 4 😷 The "No Talking" Solution

Fallout 4 - Characters and Voice Actors 1080p 60fps

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