{CAPCASE}{FIRST-(##)}Ambasada Ucrainei în România##Programare viza ambasada bucuresti

Programare viza ambasada bucuresti Long-term visas are issued only by a Ukrainian diplomatic mission abroad as multi-entry for 90 days. Visa application forms of minors shall be submitted for each person and signed by a parent or legal guardian. When multi-entry visa is requested, availability of health insurance valid for the first intended visit to Ukraine shall be considered. Holders of diplomatic or service passport shall be exempt from this requirement; 6 payment of consular fee, unless otherwise stipulated by legislation or international treaties of Ukraine. In cases when a foreigner or stateless person enter Ukraine with the aim to ensure its foreign and internal policy interests or with a humanitarian purpose, short-term visas can be issued upon written decision of a head of a Ukrainian diplomatic mission aboard or consular department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Documents issued by competent authorities of a foreign state shall be legalized, unless otherwise stipulated by the law or international treaty of Ukraine, and submitted together with the translation into the Ukrainian language, attested according to the established procedure; however, translation into the English language may be provided if the Ukrainian translation in not possible; 14 proof that the applicant is a family member to a foreigner or stateless person who hold permit for temporary residency in Ukraine.

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