7 People on Choosing to Be Celibate

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Robert Longley is a U. He has written for ThoughtCo since 1997. While the term celibacy is typically used in reference only to persons who choose to remain unmarried as a condition of sacred religious vows or convictions, it can also apply to the voluntary abstinence from all sexual activity for any reason. While they are often used interchangeably, celibacy, abstinence, and chastity are not exactly the same. In this sense, one can accurately be said to be practicing sexual abstinence as a condition of his or her vow of celibacy.

Life Lessons I: Why I Chose A Life of Celibacy

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Brahmacharya -- Celibacy benefits -- Sex Transmutation -- Part -1

EXCLUSIVE: Why Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin Chose to Stay Celibate Before Marriage

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