Dream Daddy Has A Secret, Creepy ‘Cult’ Ending

Dream Daddy: Partial Cult Ending (in-game)

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User Info. 94mav98 94mav98 1 year ago 1 Someone made the scrapped "cult ending" playable since it's still part of the game files. Spoilers ahead, obviously.

dream daddy dadrector's cut changes

None of the dialogue is labeled so I did my best to interpret who was saying what so any mistakes are my bad. It took a few hours to put together but I felt like some people would like more than just a summary so here is the full text. MC will be short for Main Character or your player. What time is it?

Shy plays dream daddy dadrector's cut Part 1 The Cult Ending

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Две пары глаз в молчании уставились в ночь, полную загадок. Вдруг Хилвар схватил Элвина за руку. - Гляди.

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