Here’s Which Disney Heroine You’re Most Like, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Meet the 9 Enneagram types celebrity style

But rarely have I encountered a cast of characters that so clearly aligns with a specific model. For a more thorough overview, check out my introductory tutorial before reading on. I doubt that A. Rabbit. Enneagram Type One Ones are the perfectionists.

disney enneagram 2

Far from cookie-cutter reproductions, each Disney princess has a personality all their own. They're not just archetypes, they're all different, each with their own set of traits that make them uniquely lovable. They made complex characters for each of their stories, and that's what makes them so great. She's torn between wanting to stay on her island and take care of her people as her father wants her to, and the desire to follow her gut instinct, which tells her the answers to all her peoples' problems lie just over the horizon on the ocean blue. This type is charismatic, warm and altruistic.

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