44 Things You Should Know Before the Wedding Night

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But as photographer Guy Martin shows in his photos of Ribnovo, Bulgaria, Muslim communities have long been an established part of the Continent. The remote village of Ribnovo is one of two in the country that hold regional types of Slavic Muslim—or Pomak—wedding ceremonies. These take place every winter, the traditional wedding season. Ribnovo Pomak weddings last for two full days, spanning all of Saturday and Sunday. Every winter weekend in Ribnovo, you can see people dancing, eating, and building elaborate bedrooms to celebrate new brides and grooms.

We used to sit with married couples and listen to them speak, however there was never an opportunity to understand what was supposed to happen on that very special night, and fear and anxiety overwhelm our thoughts. During my third year of college, one of my roommates got hold of a book that discusses the wedding night, among other things pertaining to marriage. My friends and I used to gather around the book in the university lobby as if we were surrounding a valuable treasure that each wanted a part of.

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NOTE. It is important to note that the main objective of the wedding is the joining of a man and a woman. Therefore, it is recommended that the procedures of this night are kept simple and to a bare minimum.

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