Granite State Stories: Robert Rogers creates the famous Rangers

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May 20, 2016 at 1.46 pm Great info Appreciate it! Yes, the characters are misrepresented, but I am learning so much by looking into the contradictions. Great entertainment for me!

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Blog Robert Rogers Robert Rogers was a popularly acclaimed military leader during the French and Indian War , who institutionalized many frontier-style practices of warfare and whose forces are regarded by some as the model for later ranger activities. Rogers was born in Methuen, Massachusetts, but spent his formative years on the frontier in New Hampshire. Rogers was not the originator of many of the fighting tactics he popularized, but he did systematize the process. He insisted on the intensive training of his soldiers, including exposure to live-fire exercises. The result of his efforts was the creation of a highly mobile force that could sustain itself for long periods by living off the land.

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While Robert Rogers was quite young his family moved to the Great Meadow district of New Hampshire, near present Concord, and he grew up on a frontier of settlement where there was constant contact with Indians and which was exposed to raids in time of war. He got his education in village schools; somewhere he learned to write English which was direct and effective, if ill spelled. When still a boy he saw service, but no action, in the New Hampshire militia during the War of the Austrian Succession.

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