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Ruby modine matthew modine best month for love A longtime fan of the Showtime series, Modine was familiar with the Gallaghers' way of life on the South Side way before landing the part of Sierra, a waitress and single mom who caught the eye of Lip Jeremy Allen White the minute he walked into Patsy's Pies earlier this season. They've been steadily hanging out ever since, and after last week's episode, it looks like things are about to go from casual to serious pretty quickly. Having followed the trials and tribulations of Lip's love life since Season 1, Modine is hoping that this time's the charm--not that she's biased, or anything. But while working at the diner managed by Lip's sister, Fiona Emmy Rossum , what initially began as pure physical attraction between Lip and Sierra has blossomed into something more--and for good reason. ET on Showtime. But Mandy encouraged Lip to do well and was really strong. She was just freaking badass.

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