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The Victorian Era refers to the 64-year period when Britain obtained immense amounts of power and wealth by extending its kingdom across the globe. During this time, Britain revolutionized technology, transportation, and communication. It increased its trade across the globe and sent many British explorers on expeditions across the African and Asian continents. The Victorian Era was a time of significant change—good and bad—but it represented what the future looked like for the rest of the world.

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Email this product to somebody 1. They take mourning seriously. Women often wore mourning rings which were usually made from onyx or jet and featured hair from the deceased person.

Differences Between Rich And Poor In Victorian Times

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Articles European History Photos 0 Comments 0 The Victorian Era was a time of change, of innovation, and of really strange social values. Victorian society had all sorts of quirks, especially the upper class. The Victorian upper-crust liked to pretend they were royalty, and made up all sorts of social rules and became obsessed with subjects you would never expect, mostly because they had nothing better to do with their time. Victorians were obsessed with all of the fascinating artifacts brought back from dug-up Egyptian tombs.

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