The Walking Dead Theory: Did Randall’s Group Attack Terminus?

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If you haven't played The Walking Dead. Michonne and you read this, you're going to spoil episode one for yourself. Go play and then come back so we can talk about it. It all starts with an attempted suicide. Michonne might be a badass, machete-swinging decapitator of zombies, but the demons that chase her can't be felled by any blade. See also. 'The Walking Dead' sets up 'gargantuan' spring premiere with menacing sneak peek Telltale Games lets you choose whether or not to pull the trigger, but it's an illusory choice.

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In the Michonne Special issue, Mike gets bitten by a walker but does not tell Michonne. When she goes out for supplies and returns home, she sees that Mike and Terry have turned. In a blind rage, Michonne hacked off their arms and lower jaws and used them as her pet walkers from that point on. As Michonne, Rick, and Carl are travelling to Terminus, they encounter the Marauders, a violent group led by Joe and who happened to have Daryl in their company as well.

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