We Know Which "Elder Scrolls" Race You Are Based On How You Play "Skyrim"

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Then BuzzFeed knows you definitely should be living in Rio de Janeiro. If you're on Facebook , it's been hard to miss the rise of BuzzFeed's enigmatic personality quizzes. Everyone eagerly answered seemingly random questions like "What could you eat forever? Look guys, I should live in Paris! The editorial effort behind the quizzes has been spearheaded by Summer Anne Burton.

How Privileged Are You?

Пока Хилвар разъяснял Элвину функции пупка, ему пришлось произнести тысячи слов и нарисовать с полдюжины схем. И оба они сделали огромный шаг вперед к пониманию основ, на которых строилась каждая из двух цивилизаций.

Когда Элвин проснулся, стояла глубокая ночь.

Taking the "Gay Test" From Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed Sexism Test (Updated 2017 Version)

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