Age, gender and diversity / Domestic violence

gender based violence ukraine

In our continuum of violence series, Laura Dean looks behind the high levels of gender-based violence during the war in Ukraine and finds a pre-war society with deeply entrenched inequalities and discrimination against women. A trolleybus in Ukraine displaying an anti-domestic violence awareness poster OSCE, 2012 Calls to the domestic violence hotline in Ukraine have increased 30 percent since the war in Eastern Ukraine began in March 2014. Although this statistic and increased reporting of domestic violence have been described as an unintended outcome of the war, I argue that this violence is not episodic violence brought about as a result of the war but normative violence on a continuum of Gender Based Violence GBV that existed in Ukraine before the war due to gender inequality, discrimination, and patriarchal norms.

Violence against women in Ukraine: control, prevention, elimination

gender based violence ukraine

The Truth About Domestic Violence - You'll Never Believe...

Fighting Domestic Violence in Ukraine

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