How can you qualify as a NASCAR driver?

Ford Mustang Female stunt driver plays 'dumb blonde' on blind dates

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How does he, she get started? How do I get started? All of the drivers you see on TV every week, no matter the type of cars, started out young some as early as 4 years old at their local race track or in karts. The hard part is to prove that you have some ability there.

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Hailie Deegan spent more time at Daytona 500 media day than any other driver. It was the closest Deegan will get to the action at Daytona International Speedway during Speedweeks. It also might be the last year she's a spectator. Deegan has her sights set on driving in the entry-level ARCA Series in 2020, a precursor to what she hopes will be a lengthy racing career that rises to the premier Cup Series.

NASCAR's first female pit crew member

iRacing vs. NASCAR: A 17-year-old sim racer's first real drive

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