Masculine And Feminine Energy

7 Aspects of the Sacred Feminine: What Is Divine Feminine Energy?

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Local organization like Habitat for Humanity they are more than happy to guide you 3. Read Up on the Latest Science The written word as well as science comes from the masculine side of your brain.

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Many of us are waking up to realize we are being thwarted with misinformation by media, entertainment, false education, the medical community, science and politics whose agenda seems to be to distract people as to our true potential. The truth of the matter is we all have it in us to be amazing people—every one of us. With all that external noise beckoning for attention, it is easy to overlook our biggest inner strength; our ability to trust in our own discernment when it comes to our ability to decide for ourselves what is right and good for us. Trusting Others Instead of Yourself is a Fast Track to Getting Lead Astray As a society, we have been convinced we need experts to tell us how to live our lives, when what we really need is to trust ourselves.

Spirit Science 4 ~ Male and Female Energy

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