Crime lords of the Midlands - the rise and fall of city gangsters who ruled the streets

The Truth About LONDON GANGSTERS - True Geordie Podcast #95

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Bruce Sterling reports from the postnationalist future - Cyprus, haven of undeclared peace. The Milosevic regime and its war-criminal militias are throwing a pogrom. They shoot and shell Muslims, "disappear" their leaders, rape the women, set fire to the crops, bulldoze the villages, and chase the locals over the borders, wholesale. Those who resist and refuse get thrown into mass graves.

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There were problems with drugs and alcohol when I ran pubs and clubs back in the North East, but there's nothing like that here. The former owner of the Blue Monkey, a Teesside rave venue, he was arrested back in 1996 after 200 riot police carried out a drugs raid on the premises, charging him with conspiracy to supply Ecstasy and amphetamines. While his brother James, accused alongside him, went down for 12 years, Gary skipped bail and fled to Northern Cyprus, fearing he was about to get "fitted up" by Cleveland Police.

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Олвин улыбнулся. Даже если Хилвар и не прочел его мысли,-- а у Олвина не было ни малейших оснований подозревать, что он это сделал,-- то уж характер-то он действительно мог прочувствовать. -- У твоего народа в повиновении замечательные силы разума,-- пытаясь увести разговор с опасного для него направления, сказал .

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