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Perm russia population sugar elite chile It is the capital of Perm Krai, and the industrial, scientific, and cultural centre of the Urals. This is the third largest Russian city by area. Perm is more than 1,400 km away from Moscow. Perm is well-known for its ancient history, limestone caves, and wild rivers. Cultural Capital Here you will find 13 museums, including the Perm State Art Gallery, with its world-famous collection of Perm wood sculpture, four state theatres, and more than 10 cinemas. The gallery displays works of Russian and foreign artists of all styles, including painting, graphic art, video, and performance art.

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The emergence of the city. The history of Perm city is traditionally connected with the opening of the Yegoshikha metal-smelting works in 1723. Captain Vassily Tatischev, the mining supervisor, is regarded as the founder of Perm city as it was he who chose the area around the Yegoshikha river as location for a new state-run plant. Tatischev was then called back to St.

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