Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won Big Brother 17?

Big Brother 16 - Jury Vote

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Share on WhatsApp Big Brother 17 cast After another season of lies, backstabbing and oh so much blood on people's hands, Big Brother has crowned a new winner. Although all three of the players have been aligned for much of the game, it's now every houseguest for him- or herself in the three-part competition for the final Head of Household. After more than three hours at what Steve calls the "carnival from hell," he fell off his apple in to the dipping liquid. It looked a lot like blood, right? Or am I giving the producers too much credit?

big brother 15

Его беспокоило другое. Он вновь обратился мыслями к тайне своего рождения.

BB17 - Steve nominates Liz and she storms off crying

Shane J / Courtney Act is the winner! - Celebrity Big Brother 2018

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К тому же я хотел бы поставить еще эксперимент: тебе он не повредит, но может оказаться - Отлично. Я все еще считаюсь твоим наставником, но роли, видимо, переменились. Куда ты ведешь. - Мы отправимся к Башне Лоранна, и там я собираюсь показать тебе мир за пределами Диаспара. Джезерак побледнел, но овладел .

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