Platonic relationships with the opposite genders are possible

What GIRLS Think About Their Guy Friends

platonic relationship rules

Sally. Why not? As per this Thrillist article, psychologist Wendy Walsh disagrees, suggesting that as long as men and women keep their boundaries intact, they can and should be friends. Or not even.

platonic vs romantic

We always hang out. We will get dinner or see a movie or literally anything, and regardless of where we go we always find people assuming that we are dating. The last time we hung out, it was his birthday and we went out to this nice Italian restaurant to celebrate him finally turning twenty-one. Despite popular belief, it is possible to be extremely close to someone of the opposite gender without anything romantic ever happening. Not only is this belief due to the fact that some platonic friendships do grow into romantic ones in real life but also it is a popular movie trope that is pretty over-done.

platonic love vs friendship

Every Friday I get together with a friend, or recently, a group of friends to chillax and discuss matters that are important to us. I love Fridays.

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