He made a map of Philly's jerks - but he didn't want to be a jerk about it

My 1 Year Old Has A Attitude Problem.

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Read Mode Philadelphians by Attitude. The 4 Types In analyzing public opinion, pollsters usually categorize people based on parameters such as age, race, income, and education level. Now The Pew Charitable Trusts, after years of polling in Philadelphia, has come up with something different. Our process, which used a series of specially designed questions and a technique known as cluster analysis, created four categories of Philadelphians. Dissatisfied Citizens, Die-Hard Loyalists, Uncommitted Skeptics, and Enthusiastic Urbanists.

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Philadelphians in particular, like myself, pride themselves on the hardscrabble, rough and tumble way in which the city has been presented in cinema, which is one reason why the Rocky movies have been so popular there. Jordan, opening Nov. One of the main reasons Philadelphians have always loved Rocky Balboa is because he represents the underdog. No matter who you ask in whatever field, be it music, engineering, sports, or economics, Philadelphia has always been the underdog in some way, and Philadelphians have always felt that pressure and that pride. So for us, Rocky represents being counted out, or even not counted at all, and the ability to rise above the naysayers and overcoming the struggle.


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