How to Deal With a Spoiled Adult

long term effects of spoiling a child

This will affect them in maintaining a steady job, keeping friendships, having a spouse, and experiencing a healthy life. Spoiled people are selfish and self-centered. But, how do you know if they are spoiled?

Childhood neglect affects adult close-relationship capacity

when a spoiled child grows up

If you spend time with a 2-year-old, you can easily see their inner child play out -- they are full of joy in the moment and tell you directly what they want and how they feel. Of course sometimes dealing with a toddler is akin to trying to manage a terrorist. They have a tendency to express their negative feelings with irrational rage in the form of tantrums and have the tenacity of a pit bull when it comes to getting the object of their immediate fancy -- regardless of adult protest. As children develop into adults the inner child becomes less and less obvious and takes a backseat to adolescent and eventually adult maturity. Those basics needs of the child however, are all still present.

Good and Bad Childhoods

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