8 Signs Your Therapist Isn't Working For You

what a therapist should not do

Talking about sensitive issues of trauma, anxiety or depression, sex or sexuality, etc, requires a good and trusting relationship. Clients are struggling with some complicated challenges, and are sometimes in a very vulnerable place in their lives. The therapy process should not cause additional distress. Here is an essential list of 9 warning signs that you are receiving bad therapy. 1.

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signs of a good therapist

By JR Thorpe July 20 2016 A bad therapist isn't necessarily one who's running around breaking all the rules of therapy , up to and including friending you on Facebook. Many therapist-client relationships can be, well, not quite right, and that's largely down to the peculiarities of the situation. you're asking for a professional service while also requiring a lot of intimacy, fundamental trust, a good set of boundaries, and a lot of other qualities. The very eloquent Captain Awkward, who writes regularly about therapy, refers to therapists as "personal trainers for the psyche," which is an excellent demonstration of the dynamic. these people are here to help you with your health, but they're also supposed to respect and understand your particular needs as you do it. So how do you pick out the signs that a therapist just isn't working out? Therapy isn't always an immediately-hitting-it-off situation; there are situations in which you can improve or alter the relationship by speaking up.

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