{CAPCASE}{FIRST-(##)}##Skyrim go with hadvar or ralof

Skyrim go with hadvar or ralof User Info. john7281 john7281 2 years ago 1 I'm sorry if this was mentioned somewhere before but I wasn't able to find it though. I thought about going with Ralof, but was wondering if you get a chance to attack him and level up your attack, magic, sneak and the like. I know if you follow Hadvar you can do that before taking the items out of the chest with the arrow, and was wondering if you can with Ralof?

{CAPCASE}{FIRST-(##)}Massive San Jose bust of Nuestra Familia street gang nets 24 arrests##Nuestra familia leaders

Nuestra familia leaders Attorney Brian J. Stretch, U. Assistant Attorney General Leslie R. The sentences reflect the egregious conduct of the defendants who lured and intimidated younger members of the community into being the next generation of gang members ready to accept a life of crime, drugs, and violence. It is with gratitude and appreciation that we congratulate the FBI, the Bureau of Prisons, and the scores of local law enforcement officials who have brought this 6-year investigation to a successful conclusion. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers.

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