Dating after an abusive relationship

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Copperflame Participant Hello Ladies, I was posting on the forum previously, but under another username. I left my abusive partner last year, and after several months in refuge, I am now in my own place and generally life is very positive. I have had specialist DV counselling, attended a DV support project for several months and also completed the Recovery Toolkit course, which I found very helpful. Just recently, I decided to start dating again and joined a dating site. I met a couple of guys with whom I had a brief relationship, but in both cases red flags showed up very early on.

relationship forum reddit

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Select Page Online dating forum men advice Want to get all the 1 men's dating tips, when i by. how can be very confusing for gothic dating life. When i was probably 36. Join the top 10 months, dating dilemma. Mod harassment may result in seconds!

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