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Deism symbol meaning keyshia cole son age Deists believe that a single creator god does exist, but they take their evidence from reason and logic, not the revelatory acts and miracles that form the basis of faith in many organized religions. Deists hold that after the motions of the universe were set in place, God retreated and had no further interaction with the created universe or the beings within it. Deism is sometimes considered to be a reaction against theism in its various forms—the belief in a God that does intervene in the lives of humans and with whom you can have a personal relationship. Deists, therefore, break with followers of other major theistic religions in a number of important ways. Rejection of prophets. Because God has no desire or need for worship or other specific behavior on the part of followers, there is no reason to think that he speaks through prophets or sends his representatives to live among humanity.


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Deism. About the God who possibly went away Beliefs, practices and symbols Beliefs and Practices. John Earwood has written a concise description of a typical Deist's approach to deity, humanity and the rest of the universe. "Deism rejects all of the religious scriptures and dogmas created by fallible humans, as sources of final Truth. Instead, Deists try to avoid unwarranted assumptions, and focus on what is obvious. The world of Nature is where we live and breathe and have our being. Since the Creator, whoever She is, does not reveal Herself to us directly, we have no way of knowing what Her intentions for us were. So, as the dominant creatures on earth, we must work together to make our own way in the world.

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DEFINITIONS - Atheist, Theist, Deist (Agnostic + Gnostic)

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