Gossip Girl: Where are they now?

Nate & Jenny (through the seasons) - "You don't have to be alone."

Well we know all their secrets, and we're totally here to tell. Nate broke Blair's heart, and then had his heart broken by Serena, while Chuck bedded every model and wannabe socialite above 60th Street — and maybe even a few downtown.

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Gossip Girl. Where are they now? Naturally, the action played out against a backdrop of haute couture, last-minute fashion shows "well, I suppose Serena will have to be a model! Oh Lord, so much more. The drama was all narrated by the eponymous Gossip Girl, an all-seeing, all-knowing mystery figure who shared the ins and outs of the Upper East Side's most private moments on their blog cute , with readers encouraged to text in gossip that GG could send out as a 'blast' for the main cast members to read in open-mouthed horror on their slide-up mobiles. The show ran for six seasons between 2007 and 2012 and in the absence of the actual Gossip Girl to fill you in on what, exactly, the cast of the show have been up to in the years since the programme, we're here to take that role instead.

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Copy Link Copied 20 Hurt. Penn Badgley Dan Humphrey When Gossip Girl began, Dan Humphrey was your stereotypical outsider who longed to be part of the exclusive inner circle of rich kids and experience the wealth and luxury that was their everyday lives. He began as a character of modest means and earnest intellect and feeling — but, as a result of existing in so warped and wealthy a world, became a monster who never really faced any consequences for his blackmail and gossip. Instead, he was rewarded with the girl of his dreams, because logic. Penn Badgley never really had a chance, due to the volatility of the writing and the clear lack of planning put into it. He worked better as Dan, down on his luck, than he ever did as Dan, social climber.

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