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January 20, 2018 Believe it or not, they want to fall in love again — just like you. We all get our hearts broken at some point while looking for love, and when we do, we tend to look for some greater meaning, some shred of relationship advice we can use on the next go round or pass on to others that will make the feelings of failure and pain of the moment worthwhile in the long run. When women experience heartbreak, we also look for silver linings anywhere we can find them, and when doing so, it's important to remember that we aren't alone in that endeavor. Believe it or not, in between sending clever messages like, "Heyyyyy" to random ladies on Tinder and bro-ing down with his friends, your ex-boyfriend probably searched just as hard for meaning in your breakup as you did. That's right, men have hearts too, and when they experience a failure in the love or when their love is rejected it sucks just as much.

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