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By Amanda Keefer posted Nov 4th, 2016 at 3.40pm Comments Working mothers on television have undeniably evolved over the years. Regardless of career or family situation, all of the moms on our list impacted or are impacting the next generation of working moms. These characters have brought the ongoing working mom struggle to balance work, family and self into our living rooms and into our lives, spurring laughs, serious discussion and even a little controversy. At times they look like superwomen, and at times they remind us of the reality that life can be a struggle, as rewarding as it is challenging. The show often contrasted suburban life with the adventures of a show-business family on the road in their old school bus.

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By Allyson Koerner Mar 24 2015 Ten years ago, an eccentric, hilarious, and lovable group of employees who worked for a paper company entered our lives. Before we knew it, these characters became family and changed our lives — for the better. Well, what better way to celebrate this fantastic workplace comedy than by focusing on one of its most beloved couples, aka Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly.

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Вряд ли кто еще из фантастов дерзал столь далеко заглянуть в будущее. Описания удивительных мест и увлекательных приключений перемежаются с отступлениями и рассуждениями на самые различные темы, представленными то как мысли героев книги, то излагаемыми как бы прямо от лица автора.

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