'I was offered a fake marriage for $100,000 to stay in Australia'


House of Representatives. Like her peer, Rep. And also like Ocasio — Cortez , Omar has been a frequent subject of unfounded rumors particularly ones that have targeted her family and religious background. The claim first appeared in 2016 as an anonymous, since-deleted post on SomaliSpot, an online discussion forum geared toward the Somali community. The post notes that Omar married Ahmed Hirsi in 2002.

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Sham marriages for visas There are several different ways to become an Australian citizen, but for many Australian migrants, getting married appeals as probably the fastest and cheapest way. No qualifications are required, no English requirements, nor a certain amount of time spent living in Australia. the applicant can live in Australia right after submitting their visa application and enjoy government welfare benefits. Unsurprisingly, this has helped create a thriving underground industry, where supply meets demand for fake-marriages, regardless of the risk it might entail. Stock image. Getty images Rumours about how pricey a fake marriage is, how to cheat the Immigration department, organise a fake wedding, or polish the visa application to persuade Immigration officers have been widespread among Australia's Vietnamese community. It is not easy however to find the fake marriage brokers, as both seller and buyer never want to disclose their deal.

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Alkhfe brought his wife and son to Houston from their home in Iraq where worked for an American oil company and as a translator for the U. Alkhfe who has a green card, says he was financially successful, but his family was not safe in Iraq.

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