Christianity and the Civil War: Did You Know?

TN Civil War 150: Crisis of Faith

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Today in Christian History Daily A daily newsletter featuring the most important and significant events on each day in Christian History. Christianity Today Connection Weekly Get the inside story with this official newsletter of the global media ministry. Email Address Subscribe to the selected newsletters. In the Union Army, between 100,000 and 200,000 soldiers were converted; among Confederate forces, approximately 150,000 troops converted to Christ.

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The English Civil War: Every Day

Ten Minute History - Westward Expansion and the American Civil War (Short Documentary)

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Faith may have inflamed the conflict, but one lasting legacy of the war may be the toll it took upon American faith. After all, from 1861 to 1865 the nation pledged itself to what amounted to a moral regime change, especially concerning race and slavery—only to realize that it had no practical plan for implementing it. No wonder, either, that both of them were written in the shadow of the Iraq War, which was followed by another reconstruction that suffered from the same lack of planning. Faust flips the causal equation.

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