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The train 1970 cast best date spots in davis This one is about the Calcutta Express, from Bombay to Calcutta. A terribly dangerous train if you happen to be a rich merchant travelling on it with a briefcase full of money. He leaps off the train into a river, and is picked up by a less nasty-looking but very smirky accomplice Madan Puri. They drive off, while on the train, a railway employee discovers the dead body of the poor merchant who made that fatal train journey. Soon after, the accomplice, now wearing besides that smirk also a wig and fake beard and whatnot, passes himself off as a wealthy Nawab at the shop of a jeweller, Hiralal Sundar. Instead, he opens his briefcase brimming with currency notes and gets ready to pay Hiralal.


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Rajesh Khanna, the mediocre actor as someone wanted us to believe in a recent comment, was the protagonist, a crime detective, in one of his early glimpses of versatility that established him as the first super star of Hindi cinema. He could carry a movie on his individual brilliance. True, some of his mannerisms — eyes blinking and a nod — may have appeared hackneyed for some but his fans were left swooning over his acts. He was the super star. Would mediocrity have placed him on such a high citadel?

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The Train(2007)HD Hindi Emraan Hashmi, Geeta Basra Latest (With Eng Subtitle

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He is known for his roles as a police officer. Iftekhar was the eldest among four brothers and a sister. After completing his matriculation , Iftekhar did a diploma course in painting from Lucknow College Of Arts. Iftekhar was impressed with the famous singer Kundanlal Sehgal.


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