The Best U.S. Airports for Smokers | 2019

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Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Atlanta CNN -- You've probably seen the smoke-filled, glass-encased fishbowls that play host to smokers if you've passed through some of the nation's largest airports in recent years. Perhaps you've cast a quick glance in its direction as you walked by, feeling contempt or maybe even a dash of pity for those poor slaves to a nasty habit. But if you're a smoker with a mind to enter the fishbowl -- and many shudder at the thought -- you're likely grateful for the consideration as you puff away, contributing to the collective cloud enveloping you. A cool draft circulated musty air around the lounge, whose walls were unadorned except for a hole into which you could insert your cigarette for a light; and a large window providing a view of the busy tarmac and a generous amount of natural light. Smoking lounges can be comforting to a group of people accustomed to being pushed to the fringes.

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